In Which I Review Three Children’s Books (I Had to Read Them For Class, But They Are Fantastic) Post One

by theliterarymaiden

I am taking a Children’s Literature Class in college, with the hopes of one day publishing a children’s book. I’m not too fond of most children (there are a select few I can tolerate, a few who even give me that warm, maternal feeing most women get around kids) however I figured if writing children’s literature was my way to get into the writing industry and make me an author then, eh, seize the day. Thus, this class, and thus I am reading many a children’s book. And now the reviewing begins.

Breaking Stalin’s Nose by Eugene Yelchin.

This book takes place in Russia, as one may guess, and centers around Sasha Zaichik, a young boy who’s living in the midst of Stalin’s reign. Once Sasha’s father is stripped from him for forming against Stalin, Sasha’s world begins to change. As we follow this character, the reader sees the character development and change through Sasha as he starts to realize that his perfect life which he thought was all thanks to Stalin, is no longer as organized, perfect, or beautiful, and that the great leader he once admired is not one to hold in high regard.

This book touches perfectly on communism during that era, the manipulation of Stalin and his power, as well as teaches children courage to conquer their fears and make necessary change for themselves.

This book may seem like a short, easy-reader chapter book, however it is so much more than that. The book lightly discusses topics such as death during that time; how people were taken away and brutally shot or murdered; and the separation of family into tight apartment houses, where each person had to dutifully share the bathroom (one bathroom, yes, between multiple people), as well as other dark, controversial topics.

I highly recommend this read. It is a quick 160 pages for the adult and highly educational, as you see this fictional memoir through the eyes of a child. It is engaging and a page-turner.

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