In Which I Review Three Children’s Books (I Had to Read Them For Class, But They Are Fantastic) Post Three/Final Post

by theliterarymaiden

My final book out of the trio I will be covering today is Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin. 

This gorgeous Newberry Honor book takes the reader on a magically enticing journey alongside Minli, a poor, overworked child whose family deals with hardships of near-poverty. Minli, having heard traditional Chinese stories from her father all of her life, decides to go on a journey to find a wondrous mountain where, basically, a male moon spirit resides. This spirit is the one who can change fate and, to Minli’s hope, will change her family’s fortune for the better. 

The story enfolds with Minli meeting an amogolmation of characters, and as the story unravels, the father and other characters tell “traditional Chinese stories” (which may or may not be true?) that intertwine with the actual plot. If it sounds confusing, I promise, the book is much easier to follow and everything makes perfect sense. 

The beautiful mix of these sub-stories that tie-in perfectly with the plot make this book an ingenious and fantastic piece of work. Lin’s creativity makes this book, if you understand what I mean. Not to mention her gorgeous, traditional artwork that is blended throughout the book. Altogether, it just, in one word, leaves the reader in complete awe as they read the book.

The book is perfect for a cold evening beneath warm blankets, alongside a cup of tea and perhaps calming music to set the mood. I give this book 5/5 stars. 


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