The Art Collection of Edward L. Carey

by theliterarymaiden

In a previous post, I presented my research and discussed the relatively unknown life of Edward L. Carey, 19th-century Philadelphian publisher and co-partner of Carey & Hart. However, after writing up the post, I became enchanted with the artistic facet of Carey’s life—his patronage of the arts. Furthermore, I took to tracking down the artwork of Carey, as I wanted to see and experience the beauty that surrounded Carey daily—the art that brought him peace of mind and comforted his woes when ill and without company.

Although there is evidence of a book that was published in 1983 entitled The Art Collection of Edward L. Carey (1806-1845): Philadelphia Publisher and Patronby Carolyn Sue Himelick Nutty (perhaps this was her thesis?), I am unable to obtain a copy, nor is there a version online to peek at; however, I was able to find a few or so links to the artwork that Carey owned, intended to own, or simply commissioned. I will only provide links for these works of art as I’d rather not run into copyright infringements.

The Gypsy Girl by Thomas Sully (source)

Mrs. Alexander Bleecker by Edward Greene Malbone (source)

Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay by Henry Inman (source)

The Student (Rosalie Kemble Sully) by Thomas Sully (source)

The Landing of Thorfinn Karlsefni and His Companions in “Vinland” by Emanuel Leutze (source)

Mumble the Peg by Henry Inman (source)

The Return from the Tournament by Thomas Cole (source)

Alfred Langdon Elwyn, Jr. by Thomas Sully (source)

Isabella in Measure for Measure by Thomas Sully (source)

Landscape with Curving River by Thomas Doughty (source) [This is my personal favorite out of the collection of paintings I was able to track down.]

Mrs. Samuel Blodget (Rebecca Smith) by Gilbert Stuart (source)

Mercy’s Dream by Daniel Huntington (source)

It’s safe to say the man had great artistic taste, at least in my humble opinion!