“Indian Summer” by Thomas Buchanan Read

by theliterarymaiden

(To learn more about Read, check out my post about his life here.)

Indian Summer
Thomas Buchanan Read

IT is the season when the light of dreams
Around the year in golden glory lies;—
The heavens are full of floating mysteries,
And down the lake the veilèd splendour beams!
Like hidden poets lie the hazy streams,
Mantled with mysteries of their own romance,
While scarce a breath disturbs their drowsy trance.
The yellow leaf which down the soft air gleams,
Glides, wavers, falls, and skims the unruffled lake.
Here the frail maples and the faithful firs
By twisted vines are wed. The russet brake
Skirts the low pool; and starred with open burrs
The chestnut stands—But when the north-wind stirs,
How, like an arméd host, the summoned scene shall wake!