“A Winter Sunset” by Alfred B. Street

by theliterarymaiden

Yesterday was poet Alfred B. Street’s 206th birthday, so I figured nothing could be more appropriate than posting one of his poems. Please enjoy this short work of his, which explores the beauty of nature during wintertime. (From The Poems of Alfred B. Street)

A Winter Sunset
Alfred Billings Street

NATURE’S great eye, low beaming in the west
Pours sweetest light upon this mountain-road
Pleasant in Summer with delicious grass
And checker’d shadows from the bowery limbs:
But mantled now in snow that, beaten hard
Creaks to my footsteps. The green hemlock smiles
Speckled with gold; the oak’s sear foliage, still
Tight clinging to the boughs, is kindled up
To a rich brown, and on the carpet-snow
Glows a soft blush. At hand, a steep abyss
Lets down my eye upon the hollow. Pale
In its chill robe it lies, with dusky lines
Of crossing fences—groups of orchard-trees
And roofs, like dingy patches, scatter’d o’er.
But now the broad dilated sun has stoop’d
To the blue line of hills along the west.
Lower it falls, until a shred of light
Glitters, then sinks, and the red sky is bare.