“The Poet’s Home” by John Sterling

by theliterarymaiden

The Poet’s Home
John Sterling
From The Poetical Works of John Sterling, 1842

IN the cavern’s lonely hall,
By the mighty waterfall,
Lives a spirit shy and still,
Whom the soften’d murmurs thrill,
Heard within the twilight nook,
Like the music of a brook.

Poet ! thus sequester’d dwell,
In they fancy’s haunted cell,
That the floods abroad may be
Like a voice of peace to thee,
While thou giv’st to nature’s tone
Soul and sweetness all thy own.

Hear, but, ah ! intrust thee not
To the waves beyond thy grot,
Lest thy low and wizard strain
Warble through the storm in vain,
And thy dying songs deplore
Thou must see thy cave no more.