“The Call of Spring” by Charles Fenno Hoffman

by theliterarymaiden

The Call of Spring
Charles Fenno Hoffman

THOU wak’st again, O Earth !
From winter’s sleep !—
Bursting with voice of mirth
From icy keep ;
And laughing at the Sun,
Who hath their freedom won,
Thy waters leap !

Thou wak’st again, O Earth !
Feebly again,
And who by fireside hearth
Will now remain ?
Come on the rosy hours—
Come on thy buds and flowers,
As when in Eden’s bowers,
Spring first did reign.
Birds on thy breezes chime
Blithe as in that matin time
Their choiring begun :
Earth, thou has many a prime—
Man hath but one !

Thou wak’st anew, O Earth !
Freshly anew !
As when at Spring’s first birth
First flow’rets grew.
Heart ! that to earth dost cling,
While boughs are blossoming,
Why wake not too ?

Long thou in sloth hast lain,
Listing to Love’s soft strain—
Wilt thou sleep on?
Playing, thou sluggard heart,
In life no manly part,
Though youth be gone.
Wake ! ’tis Spring’s quickening breath
Now o’er thee blown ;
Awake thee ! ere thou in death
Pulselessly slumbereth,
Pluck thou from Glory’s wreath
One leaf alone !