“Who is my Neighbor?” by William Cutter

by theliterarymaiden

Who is my Neighbor?
William Cutter

THY neighbor ? It is he whom thou
Hast power to aid and bless—
Whose aching heart, and burning brow,
Thy soothing hand may press.

Thy neighbor ? ’tis the fainting poor,
Whose eye with want is dim,
Whom hunger sends from door to door—
Go thou, and succor him.

Thy neighbor ? ’tis that weary man,
Whose years are at their brim,
Bent low with sickness, care an pain—
Go thou, and comfort him.

Thy neighbor ? ’tis the bereft
Of every earthly gem—
Widow and orphan, helpless left—
To thou, and shelter them.

Thy neighbor ? yonder slave,
Fettered in thought and limb,
Whose hopes are all beyond the grave—
Go thou, and ransom him.

Whene’er thou meet’st a human form
Less favored than thine own,
Remember, ’tis thy neighbor worn,
Thy brother, or thy son.

Oh ! pass not, pass not heedless by—
Perhaps thou can’st redeem
One breaking heart from misery—
Go, share thy lot with him.