“Lament” by W. W. Story

by theliterarymaiden

W.[illiam] W[etmore]. Story
From Graham’s Magazine, February, 1844, pg. 62.

Thou glidest on, oh glimmering stream,
Thou murmurest on as ever!
But the heart most dear no more is here
Forever and forever.

No more—I hear it in the pines
That moan with sullen roar—
Those stars shall shine in eyes of thine
No more—oh never more!

Grieve on, sad autumn wind, grieve on!
She lieth the grass beneath,
I make my moan by her grave alone,
For the violets have her breath.

Oh lonely night! oh wandering moon!
Have ye no word for me?
Oh love and sorrow! oh day and morrow!
Must ye forever be?