“The Soul’s Lament for Home” by Frances Sargent Osgood

by Ann Neilson

The Soul’s Lament for Home
Frances Sargent Osgood
From Graham’s Magazine, March, 1843, pg. 194.

As ‘plains the home-sick ocean-shell,
Far from its own remembered sea,
Repeating, like a fairy spell
Of love, the charmed melody
It learned within that whispering wave,
Whose wondrous and mysterious tone
Still wildly haunts its winding cave
Of pearl, with softest music-moan—

So asks my home-sick soul, below,
For something loved, yet undefined;
So mourns to mingle with the flow
Of music, from the Eternal Mind;
So murmurs, with its child-like sigh,
The melody it learned above,
To which no echo may reply,
Save from thy voice, Celestial Love!