“Song of Rest” by Susan Archer Talley Weiss

by theliterarymaiden

Song of Rest.
Susan Archer Talley Weiss*
From Poems by Weiss, pg. 173

Toil is over, day is done,
Home awaits thee, wearied one;
Eager footsteps haste to meet thee,
Loving voices wait to greet thee—
Thou art blest!
Be thy soul to quiet stilled.
Be thy heart with gladness filled;

Night’s dim shadows softly fall,
Night’s low voices sweetly call,
Angel visions without number
Mingling with thy quiet slumber,
Make thee blest!
All things rest in quiet now—
All things slumber—slumber thou;

*Best known as a 19th century poet and author of The Home Life of Poe.