“Lines: to Kossuth” by C. E. Hamilton

by theliterarymaiden

Lines: to Kossuth[*]
C. E. Hamilton
From the Knickerbocker, volume 35, March, 1850, pg. 203.

Thou exile on a foreign strand,
Thou gallant heart in bondage bleeding!
Thou last hope of a fallen land,
What eye can view thy wrongs unheeding?
KOSSUTH! oppression’s arm of might
Hath laid in dust thy country’s right,
And crushed the new-born hope that bloomed
A nation’s hope and strong desire;
But Freedom is not thus entombed!
Like PHOENIX rising from the fire
She springs, undaunted by the strife,
Exulting in reviving life!
And we upon this western shore,
Who mourned a nation’s glory o’er,
Shall yet behold her rising high,
And hear the loud victorious cry
Pealed forth by millions o’er the sea,
‘Freedom to Hungary and thee!’

Washington, Dec., 1849.

[*If you’re interested, you can read more about Lajos Kossuth here.]