“Sonnet” by Charles Henry Foster

by theliterarymaiden

C. H. F. [Charles Henry Foster]
From the Knickerbocker, Volume 49, March, 1857, pg. 233.

‘Die Seele ist Konigin.’

IT matters not to me how fine a brain
My neighbor’s mind may dwell in: his discourse
May bear the deftest witchery, and its force
May make all rival argument in vain.
This is not highest: for the sophists train
The human reason to such skill in fence
As to o’er-match the sure report of sense,
And over very Truth some victory gain.
Not of the first estate are these fair powers,
Wit, fancy, genius, graceful poesy:
But to a mistress worthier than they all,
Gay, gallant courtiers of those mortal hours;
They bow in homage. Noble though they be,
The soul alone is queen—the heart her regal hall.

Augusta, (Maine.)