“The Reach of Thought” by Charles Henry Foster

The Reach of Thought.
C. H. F. [Charles Henry Foster]
From the Knickerbocker, Volume 50, September, 1857, pg. 253.

The rain-drop that falls on a central wave
Of the ocean’s restless tide,
Moves the billowy depths that forever rave
Round each lonely rock, in each sounding cave,
Embraced in its empire wide.

The arrow that’s shot through the yielding air,
The beat of the ground-bird’s wing,
Are felt where the cold polar ices glare,
And where sun-shine warms the savannahs fair,
That bloom in perpetual spring.

And the light of the faintest star that burns
In its GOD-appointed place,
Streams forth to the farthest globe that turns,
Nor the lightest wandering atom spurns
That floats through the depths of space.

So a thought, sent forth by an earnest soul,
Sweeps the grander realm of mind:
‘Twill make itself felt through the sentient whole,
As onward the waves of its influence roll,
To brighten the hopes of mankind.