“The Rain” from the Knickerbocker

by theliterarymaiden

The Rain.
From the Knickerbocker, Volume 49, 1857, pg. 292.

DUSTY lies the village turnpike and the upland fields are dry,
While the farmer’s lumbering wagon moaning shrilly creaketh by;
Hush! from out the dark clouds drifting tenderest rain-drops faintly fall,
While the birds with gladsome music blend their vesper hymnings all,
With the tinkling and the sprinkling
Of the gentle summer rain.

Pouring on the gorgeous-tinted, golden-tinted Autumn leaves,
Sweeping o’er the waving grain-fields and the farmer’s standing sheaves;
Bounding down the hill-side streamlets, tumbling turbulent with glee,
Whose sad heart shall not be gladdened, though it murmur as the sea,
At the clattering and the pattering
Of the jovial autumn rain.

Loud and gusty blows the cold wind and the freezing rain pours down,
Whizzing round in blinding torrents all the passers in the town;
Out into the gloom and darkness many cheery home-fires glisten,
While my heart weaves quaintest fancies, pausing in its dreams to listen
To the roaring and the pouring
Of the noisy winter rain.

July 25, ’56.