“Good Night” by Sarah Josepha Hale


Good Night
By Sarah Josepha Hale
From The School Song Book: Adapted to the Scenes of the School Room, Written for American Children and Youth by Sarah J. Hale

Good night—Good night—and peace be with you—
Peace, that gentlest parting strain;
Soft it falls like dew on blossoms,
Cherishing within our bosoms,
Kind desires to meet again:
Good night—Good night.

Good night—Good night—but not forever,
Hope can see the morning rise,
Many a pleasant scene before us,
As though angels hovered o’er us,
Bearing blessings from the skies:
Good night—Good night.

Good night—Good night—oh, softly breath it!
‘Tis a prayer for those we love;
Peace to-night and joy to-morrow,
For our God, who shields the sparrow,
Hears us in his courts above:
Good night—Good night.