“A N-ICE Voice” by Leigh Hunt

by theliterarymaiden

A N-ICE Voice
Leigh Hunt
From the Poetical Works of Leigh Hunt

Three strapping clowns were seen one day (strange case!)
Holding poor Hodge up to his knees in ice;
‘Twas terrible to see the fellow’s face;
Yet there he sat, stuck fast as in a vice.

With wond’ring ire a passenger was seized:
‘Good God!’ cried he, ‘what, have ye no remorse?
Hands off! give over!’—’Sir, be not displeased,’
A beadle said, ‘we’re making the man hoarse.’

‘Hoarse!’—’Yes, Sir, manly in his tones like, gruff:
To-morrow’s the saint’s day in this here place;
And this here lad, who winces sure enough,
We’re putting in a state to sing the bass.’