“‘Fame is the Spur,’ etc.” by Alexander Robertson

by theliterarymaiden

“Fame is the Spur,” etc.
Alexander Robertson
From Last Poems of Alexander Robertson, 1918

But not the sole spur, truly, even if
Sometimes it goads the spirit. As from a cliff
Outjutting boldly, challenging the waste
Of rolling waters, scornful of their haste,
Immovable, the vision of immense
Distance and power, brings to the soul a sense
Of uplift; so the beautiful to creáte
Or truth discover doth the soul elate:
Strange that compelling gladness, yet unsought
By great creators, rather have they wrought
To some compulsion high obedient
As Socrates for the voice divine intent,
Or even as Spirit, self-compelled, doth bring
Into the world of being everything.