“To Margaret” by Alexander Robertson

by theliterarymaiden

To Margaret
Alexander Robertson
From Last Poems of Alexander Robertson, 1918

(On Receiving Her Photograph)

This photograph vignette
You send, to fend off harm
As might an amulet,
As might a potent charm,
Such as in days of old
To Knights by dames were given,—
As wood, in case of gold,
In which the nails were driven,
Which fixéd to the rood
The Son of Mary Queen,
The while, in thousands, stood
His foes to mock His tears;
Or blood of him, alas,
Whose head on charger laid
Rejoiced Herodias
Of slaughter unafraid;
Or bone of martyred saint
From his sword-piercéd side,
Or relics still more quaint
Faith thought not to deride.
Though some would fain believe,
Yet ages more mature
No more in charms perceive
A power to secure—
Yet love may fend off hate,
There may be might in prayer
And so you may create
A refuge for me—there.