“As he who, on some clouded night…” by Charles Fenno Hoffman

by theliterarymaiden

“As he who, on some clouded night…”
By Charles Fenno Hoffman, from Love’s Calendar; or, Eros and Anteros

As he who, on some clouded night,
When wind and tide attend his bark,
Waits for the North star’s steady light
To shine above the waters dark,
Will often for its guiding beam
Mistake some wandering meteor’s ray;
But wilder’d by that fitful gleam
Doubt yet to launch upon the stream,
Till wind and tide have passed away.

So I, if ever Life’s dark sea
Be swept by some propitious gale,
Look for my guiding light in thee,
Before I dare to spread my sail;
So, while thy smiles deceitful shine,
Then leave all darker than before,
I for some surer beacon pine,
Till breeze and flood no longer mine,
I’m stranded on the barren shore.