Autumnal Poetry and Prose Series

The poems transcribed for my Autumn-themed Poetry Series of 2017 can be found here, conveniently linked—just click on the title. I hope you find this masterlist easy and helpful for navigating through this series! (This is currently ongoing and thus being updated.)

Benjamin, Park
“The Indian Summer”

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett
“The Autumn”

Bryant, William Cullen
“Autumn Woods”

Brydges, Sir Egerton
“To Autumn, Near Her Departure”

Coleridge, Hartley

Hoffman, Charles Fenno
“Indian Summer, 1828”

Hood, Thomas 
“Ode to Autumn”

Marshall, James B.
“Autumn! thou art with us…”

Norton, Caroline Elizabeth Sarah
“The Fallen Leaves”

Oaksmith, Elizabeth
“The First Leaf of Autumn”

Percival, James Gates
“The Last Days of Autumn”

Poe, Edgar Allan

Read, Thomas Buchanan
“The Withering Leaves”
“Indian Summer”

Street, Alfred Billings
“A September Stroll”
“A Contrast”

Very, Jones
“The Acorn”
“To a Withered Leaf Seen on a Poet’s Table”
“The Dead”

Wade, Thomas
“The Sere Oak-Leaves”

Whittier, John Greenleaf
“Autumn Thoughts”

Willis, Nathaniel Parker