Poetry Index

(Last updated: July 12, 2018)

Alexander, William

Benjamin, Park
“Lines Written on Christmas Eve”
“The Indian Summer”

Brotherton, Mary
“Mid-Winter Day”

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett
“The Autumn”

Bryant, William Cullen
“Autumn Woods”

Brydges, Sir Egerton
“To Autumn, Near Her Departure”

Coleridge, Hartley

Cutter, William
“Who is my Neighbor?”

Drake, Joseph Rodman
“Weel, Fitz, I’m here”

Emerson, Ralph Waldo
“The Snow-Storm”

English, Thomas Dunn
“Two Sonnets”

Fuller (Ossoli), Sarah Margaret
“To Edith, on Her Birthday”

Griswold, Rufus Wilmot
“Five Days”

Harrington (née Locke), Elizabeth

Herbert, Henry William
“Sunset on the Hudson”
“Her Names, From the French of Victor Hugo”
“To ***”

Herbert, William

Hervey, Alice
“The Homeless”

Hoffman, Charles Fenno
“The Call of Spring”
“To a Lady Weeping in Church”
“Birthday Thoughts”
“St. Valentine’s Day”
“A Birthday Meditation”
“Indian Summer, 1828”
“‘Far Away'”
“The Streamlet”
“Tasso to Leonora”
“Sparkling and Bright”
“The Thaw-King’s Visit to New York”
“The Sleigh Bells”

Hood, Thomas
“Ode to Autumn”

Locke, Andrew Aitchison
“Lines: Written after returning from a Party”

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
“Christmas Bells”

Lowell, James Russell
“New Year’s Eve, 1844”

Marshall, James B.
“Autumn! thou art with us…”

Meigs, Mary Noel

Moore, Ella
“Those Twinkling Stars”

Morris, George Pope

Neal, John

Norton, Caroline Elizabeth Sarah
“The Fallen Leaves”

Oaksmith, Elizabeth
“Written in a Blank Leaf of Thomas A Kempis”
“A Sonnet.—The Poet”
“A Walk in the Woods”
“The Seen and the Unseen”
“The Acorn”
“The First Leaf of Autumn”

Ollier, Edmund

Osgood, Frances Sargent
“The Soul’s Lament for Home”
“My heart would be at ease, if my solitude were blest with your society”
“The Sinner’s Appeal”

Percival, James Gates
“We met in cheerless hours…”
“The Broken Heart”
“The Flight of Time”
“Prevalence of Poetry”
“The Queen of Flowers”
“The Last Days of Autumn”

Poe, William Henry Leonard
“On the Death of Miss E.S.B.”
“Oh! Give That Smile”
“In a Pocket Book…”
“To R.”
“For the North American”
“LINES, written extempore on a tombstone with a pencil–1827″
“On Seeing a Lady Sleeping”
“Waters of Life”
“Jacob’s Dream”
“Psalm 139th”

Poe, Edgar Allan

Read, Thomas Buchanan
“What is Life?”
“The Withering Leaves”
“Indian Summer”

Scott, Sir Walter
“It Was An English Ladye Bright”

Shaw, W. Wallace
“The Evening Star”

Sterling, John
“The Poet’s Home”

Story, William Wetmore

Street, Alfred Billings
“A September Stroll”
“A Winter Sunset”
“A Contrast”

Thomson, James
[An Excerpt from] “Winter”

Very, Jones
“The Acorn”
“Lines; To a Withered Leaf Seen On a Poet’s Table”
“The Dead”
“The silent moon is rising…”

Wade, Thomas
“The Sere Oak-Leaves”

Weiss, Susan Archer 
“Song of Rest”

Whittlesey, Sarah Johnson Cogswell
“Spring-Time Is Coming”

Whittier, John Greenleaf
“An Easter Flower Gift”
“The Cypress-tree of Ceylon”
“The Angel of Patience”
“Autumn Thoughts”
“A Dream of Summer”
“The Christmas of 1888”
“A Christmas Carmen”
“The Mystic’s Christmas”
“The Frost Spirit”
“The Pumpkin”
“Fitz-Greene Halleck”

Wilcox, Carlos
“Summer Evening Lightning”

Willis, Nathaniel Parker
“January 1, 1828”
“January 1, 1829”

Wylie, Elinor
“Velvet Shoes”

“Cupid and the Rose”
“The Invitation”
“My First Grey Hair”