“The Evening Star” by W. Wallace Shaw

The Evening Star
W. Wallace Shaw
From Godey’s Lady’s Book, September, 1849, pg. 202

Loved twilight hath her mantle spread
O’er land and sea,
And on her starry brow she brings
Sweet thoughts of thee.

One star, more dear than all the rest,
Beams brightly now,
And from its home, the glowing west,
Shines on my brow.

Blest “star of evening!” thine the power
To fill my heart
With images, that sooner may
From thence depart,

Than thy loved brightness fade away;
For thou mayst shine
Upon my grave—but until then 
The image ‘s mine.

Shine on! shine on! thou glorious star;
Perchance to thee,
E’en now, HER eyes are turned to seek
Commune with me.

Ah! yes—when sadly, silently—
Though far apart—
We gaze upon thee—souls commune
And heart meets heart.